Celebrity Photo Studios is an international portrait company with a renowned reputation for capturing the world’s biggest and brightest stars. With access to the most recognized entertainment capitals of the world, Celebrity Photo Studios offers dignitaries, artists, entertainers, media personalities and new faces from around the globe top-tier photography services. Celebrity Photo Studios’ work has been featured in press, used as promotion, seen in theatre lobbies and album inserts, and as private collections in the homes of international socialites. With a developed eye for the star quality, Celebrity Photo Studios’ continues to produce an impressive catalogue of the world’s most captivating faces.

Since August 2016, Celebrity Photo Studios is now offering a ”Unique and New Concept” of Art Photography. Customers can now reward their ”Loved Ones” with an Art piece that will include them. International Photographer Christophe D. PETYT will be painting the models before taking their photo. Photos are printed in high definition on different materials such as plexiglass, brushed aluminium, glossy metal or Art photo paper and framed as per customer’s preferences. Visit ”Painted Faces” for additional information or send an email to :